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"A horse, a horse!
My kingdom for a horse!​"

Customer satisfaction and good service are important to us!


Frozen semen from our stallions can be made available in any of the locations of our partners. Our partners have a huge amount of competence and a deep understanding of their work. They are available to aid breeders through consultation or by other means, to help your breeding will be successful.

Our stallions are available in Germany and Austria by frozen semen in the following depots:

Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Christine Aurich Dipl.ECAR
Telefon: +43 1 25077 - 6400

Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde auf Boyenstein
(nur Besamung, kein Versand)

Dr. Peter Richterich - Fachtierarzt
Holter 28 b
59269 Beckum
Telefon: +49 25 21 - 76 12
Telefax: +49 25 21 - 87 49 40

Besamungs- und Deckstation Neustadt (Dosse)
(also for shipping to USA/CAN)

Stationstierärztin: Dr. Christina NagelHauptgestüt 1016845 Neustadt (Dosse)

Tel: +49-33970-5029-151

Fax: +49-33970-5029-487


Vetart GmbH

Buchenhof 2
D-25578 Dägeling
Telefon: +49-4821-8047187
Telefax: +49-4821-8047182

PBM Pfefferle GmbH


Pferdebesamungsstation Mengen
Dr. Thomas Pfefferle
Muehlgaessle 50
88512 Mengen
Telefon: +49 7572 3561
Telefax: +49 7572 5583

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